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Top 7 Websites for Artists & Those Who Are (or want to be) Artsy

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My ‘searching the web’ face.

Every person has their go-to websites for information.  Alas, I am no exception.  I am excited to share MY tried-and-true websites, which I visit when looking for more info – be it artistic reference material, organizational tools, or graphic design help.  I would love to hear from you if there are any sites that I should add to my list!  I am always looking for more.  Enjoy!

  1.  Pic Monkey : Simple, fun, easy-to-use, no commitment photo editing site
  2. Trello:  Collaboration tool that turns to-do lists into organizational boards (for us visual types trying to keep track of our ideas and even errands)
  3. Artists Helping Artists:  Technically this is a weekly podcast, but it is worthy of the list! With many years of archived shows that run the gamut from a multitude of art marketing topics to fabulous artist interviews, you can find information on whatever topic you desire.
  4.  Looking for information a specific artist (or even one you did not know) this is the place to come
  5. The Painter’s Keys:  Twice-weekly letters centered around artists and their processes.  Started by Robert Genn 15 years ago and now continued by his daughter Sara.  Also has amazing artist quotes.
  6. Artsy Shark:  From interesting business advice to the latest features from emerging artists.
  7. Social Media Examiner:  How to keep up with the never ending social media trends