Do you have a treasured place, scene, object, or sweet that you would love to transform into an original oil painting to be placed on your wall and enjoyed for years to come?  Do you see a piece of art on my site but think that with a few details altered it would be perfect for you? Would you like to give a truly meaningful and original gift? A commissioned artwork provides a creative way to show your passion for the subject matter and for art.  To start all you need is an idea and a photograph!  Don’t worry, based on our conversations during the process I can make changes to the scene in the final canvas.  Have a great wedding photo, but wish a certain guest could be removed from the scene? It shouldn’t be a problem!

How do commissions work?

  1. The best way to start is to contact me by e-mail at jkb-art@verizon.netIn your e-mail include a photo (or two) and a description of why you are considering the commission of an original artwork.
  2. Select what size canvas is best for you and for where you intend to display the finished product.  I use standard size canvases, with prices starting at $200 for 8×10.  Upon scene and detail approval I require a 50% deposit.  The remaining balance is due after final approval of the painting by photograph prior to shipping.
  3. I like to involve you along the way by providing progress photos and status updates.
  4. Commissions typically take a month to render and will require two weeks to dry before shipping.  If you have a tighter deadline, we can work together to determine a mutually agreeable delivery date.

A special anniversary.

Wedding Day

John wanted a special gift for his wife for their anniversary. He contacted me and shared several photographs from his wedding. Together we picked the best scene and then identified a few details to change.  In this case we decided the focus should be on the Bride and Groom and removed the officiant and the bridal party from the final scene.  After delivering the final product to his wife, John wrote to tell me, “Tears and Happiness. Thank you.”

A retirement gift.

Rachel wanted a special gift for her parents when they sold the home where she grew up; She wanted a painting of the house that her parents could hang in their new home. The problem was Rachel only had a current picture and wanted the painting to represent the house from when she was a child. After describing how the scene was different today, I created this representation of her family home. Upon receiving the finished piece, Rachel wrote to tell me, “I guess I didn’t know what to expect but this exceeds my expectations.”

A dream kitchen.


Jill had been looking to add to the decor in her dream kitchen. Her theme was her favorite foods and she had been looking at a variety of different ways to express her vision. Two original oil paintings were part of her vision. With only the guidance “eggplant,” I a composed a variety of possibilities and ultimately Jill selected this one. This was particularly fun for me and Jill since we were able to take just the idea of “eggplant” and create this scene for her dream kitchen.

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