Capital Palette Exhibition

I immortalize life’s most delicious moments in oil on canvas. Delicious moments are those special instants when one savors the precious things that surround them: family, friends, a great view, or a delicious treat.   I moved to Washington, DC in 1999 and fell in love with the city and the surrounding area. DC’s friendly people, vibrant neighborhoods, endless culture, and rich food scene have become my muse. For me, delicious moments frequently happen here.

Blending my enthusiasm for DC and its increasingly popular culinary atmosphere with my passion for painting confections that distill delicious moments from the normal chaos of daily life allows my work to be the voice of DC’s visual foodie. I enlisted the help of DC’s notable food bloggers, who guided me on a visually spectacular and delicious journey to some of the best and most popular dining spots in DC. Each spot was selected not only for its captivating food and location, but also for the important part it plays in the DC food arena.

From this journey, my series of paintings capture DC’s delicious moments and its glorious scenery allowing me to freeze them on canvas. Showcasing these glorious moments allows me to share the state of joy, awe, and sweetness that DC exudes.